Hello Lovely You! 
Here's a little about me

Hello and welcome to my trade website!. 

I'm Debs, I'm a full time artist working from my farm studio based in Fife, Scotland. I work mainly in ceramics although I do enjoy - when time allows to get the paints out and work on some art too. Over the past few years I have created a wide range of keepsakes and giftware which have received good uptake in the retail sector. 

I attend Scotland's Trade show at the SEC in Glasgow each year in January with my Spring/Summer ranges and launch a winter range around June. I tend to promote this via my website and newsletters. 

I've been very fortunate to have gained a large number of wonderful stockists over the past few years and now work with around 85 independent gift shops and galleries as well as Visit Scotland tourist information centres. 

When I'm not launching new ranges or attending trades shows you will usually find me in my studio creating all of your orders. All of my products are designed and handmade by me right here in my wee barn studio.

When time allows I like to get out and about for woodland walks in the fresh air with my wee dog - Fergus the fluffy and silly Cockerpoo. 

My work takes inspiration from all around me and takes form in 2 themes. My general gift range consists of everything pretty and beautiful, it is inspired by positive living, happy vibes and the delicate wild flowers that we grow for our bee garden.


My Scottish Range has a more rustic feel. Living on the farm gives perfect inspiration for this - My signature range is the thistle collections which includes ceramics, and a range of merchandisable products such as  mugs, note books, prints and coasters, this is further complemented with everything Scottish including highland cow hangings, mini bothy sculptures and a full range of personalised location ceramics which are most popular with areas in tourism hot spots. 

I'm quite proud of the ranges I have created and feel very lucky to have had such wonderful support for my work. It is such a wonderful boost to know that Deborah Cameron loveliness spans Scotland from the tips of the highlands and islands right across to the boarder. 


At times I feel slightly anxious about the competition of mass produced companies who may produce items of a similar nature at lower prices - which I just can't compete with. But I firmly believe that consumers are seeking to support and buy from businesses that create locally, handmade items these days and those who desire handmade products appreciate that it does attract a slightly higher price point. In all honesty, I don't really want to compete with mass produced items - I like that my items are truly handmade and I'm sure there is room for us all. 

But with this in mind, I do want to ensure that I continue to offer items of value as well as something unique, so over the next year I plan to expand my gallery range to offer a collection of larger sculpture pieces, as well as some bespoke items and some new art. I'm really excited about these and will be aiming to launch the new designs in line with my A/W launch in June/July 2021!

If you're already one of my wonderful stockists, make sure you have signed up for the news letter so you don't miss out on all the exciting developments and I'd love you to come join my new trade community over on social medial where I share all the latest makes and gift ideas and progress pics of new ranges. You can also get involved in helping to inform and design new ranges. I'd love to see you there. 

If you are not already a stockist and would like some Deborah Cameron loveliness in your shop then please register for your trade account here - oh and come on over to the social media page too. It is quite lovely! 

Thanks for checking in on me! 

Deborah xx